Android Bootstrap Updated to Include a Navigation Drawer

I recently updated Android Bootstrap.

The following items are updated/new: 

  • Updated Libraries
    • Dagger
    • Otto
    • Http-Request
    • Wishlist
  • New Features
The reason I did not use the Android Navigation Drawer is because Android Bootstrap is using ActionBarSherlock and right now the support library has not been added to maven central. See this issue for more info. As soon as ActionBarSherlock is updated to support the official Navigation Drawer library I will most likely update Android Bootstrap to include that.
This new update should provide a nice starting point for developers who would like to include a lot of major features into their app with minimal work. Currently, the app generator located at is in an alpha state, but has worked for me for a few projects I’ve shipped with Android Bootstrap.
I know there are some outstanding issues on GitHub for this project and I’m working on some of them. As always I’ll gladly review and accept a pull request to fix them! :)

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