Getting Started with Android Studio

Since Google¬†announced¬†an IDE that was based on IntelliJ for Android Development I’ve received various emails, texts and calls regarding this app and whether folks should use it. My consensus: YES! USE IT! (If you’re not already using IntelliJ) I’ve been developing Android applications with IntelliJ for 2+ years now and I’m very excited that Google is moving in this direction. In hopes to help folks make the transition I’m going to release a series of screencasts that will help you get familiar and instantly productive with Android Studio.

Here is the first video, enjoy!

This video is part 1 of a multi part series on Android Studio

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  • kenyee

    any change you’ll make android bootstrap use Gradle instead of Maven? :-)

  • Donn Felker

    I probably will change it to gradle when I get some time. :)

  • kenyee

    FYI, I was fiddling w/ it and there’s no real need.
    Just install gradle and go into your maven project and type in
    gradle setupBuild
    and it magically sets up a file from your pom.xml. I think I like gradle already :-)

  • Peter Dreyer

    Great tutorial, thanks for the help!

  • victor


  • Junaid

    Thank you sir for the intro , but i am having some issues , after installation it is giving me this error in the console right after ist start.

    org.gradle.tooling.GradleConnectionException: Could not execute build using Gradle installation ‘C:UsersJunaiD.gradlewrapperdistsgradle-1.7-bin2g3i7gan25uopmtc0lnjb1l9ffgradle-1.7’.: Could not execute build using Gradle installation ‘C:UsersJunaiD.gradlewrapperdistsgradle-1.7-bin2g3i7gan25uopmtc0lnjb1l9ffgradle-1.7’.

    what i have done so far to troubleshoot this error
    1. deleted gradle folder and downloaded again.
    2. reinstalled Android Studio
    3. added JAVA_HOME environment variable

    but problems remains.

    if somebody find the solution please post it here. Thanks.

  • ZiLang

    I just want to ask if there are big differences between IntellJ and Android Studio?

  • lungos

    Hey I experience the same difficulties. Did you find a solution ?

  • Mir

    what is difference between IntelliJ and android studio