Getting Started with Android Studio

Since Google announced an IDE that was based on IntelliJ for Android Development I’ve received various emails, texts and calls regarding this app and whether folks should use it. My consensus: YES! USE IT! (If you’re not already using IntelliJ) I’ve been developing Android applications with IntelliJ for 2+ years now and I’m very excited that Google is moving in this direction. In hopes to help folks make the transition I’m going to release a series of screencasts that will help you get familiar and instantly productive with Android Studio.

Here is the first video, enjoy!

This video is part 1 of a multi part series on Android Studio

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  • kenyee

    any change you’ll make android bootstrap use Gradle instead of Maven? :-)

  • Donn Felker

    I probably will change it to gradle when I get some time. :)

  • kenyee

    FYI, I was fiddling w/ it and there’s no real need.
    Just install gradle and go into your maven project and type in
    gradle setupBuild
    and it magically sets up a file from your pom.xml. I think I like gradle already :-)

  • Peter Dreyer

    Great tutorial, thanks for the help!

  • victor


  • Junaid

    Thank you sir for the intro , but i am having some issues , after installation it is giving me this error in the console right after ist start.

    org.gradle.tooling.GradleConnectionException: Could not execute build using Gradle installation ‘C:UsersJunaiD.gradlewrapperdistsgradle-1.7-bin2g3i7gan25uopmtc0lnjb1l9ffgradle-1.7′.: Could not execute build using Gradle installation ‘C:UsersJunaiD.gradlewrapperdistsgradle-1.7-bin2g3i7gan25uopmtc0lnjb1l9ffgradle-1.7′.

    what i have done so far to troubleshoot this error
    1. deleted gradle folder and downloaded again.
    2. reinstalled Android Studio
    3. added JAVA_HOME environment variable

    but problems remains.

    if somebody find the solution please post it here. Thanks.

  • ZiLang

    I just want to ask if there are big differences between IntellJ and Android Studio?

  • lungos

    Hey I experience the same difficulties. Did you find a solution ?