M-Audio with Windows 7 64bit and Camtasia

I’m working on a new screen-cast series for an online technical publisher and I ran across some problems this morning with the audio support. I currently use a GT-55 with the M-Audio MobilePre as the pre-amp. The sound quality is superb (when it works). This setup is great for someone like myself who needs portability, professional sound, and support for laptops. Unfortunately the setup I used previously didn’t work out as as I hoped this time around. Previously I was using Windows 7 RC 32 bit version. My RC license is about to expire in about a month so I decided it was time to upgrade to a full blown version.

After upgrading to Windows 7 64bit I installed the M-Audio MobilePre Windows 7 64bit driver and, well … my audio was … umm … nill, nothing, nada. I couldn’t record, could not get any output sound, etc. I did some searching through Google and came across this post. I tried “looking4help”‘s approach as mentioned in the aforementioned link this evening and I’m glad to report that everything works as it should. I can now record in Camtasia with the MobilePre and my GT55 mic. Awesome.

I’m looking forward to getting my first run done at these new videos tomorrow morning with my new setup. I’ll announce more when the publisher releases the details of the screen-cast series.

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