TypeMock 5.3.5 – WasCalledWithArguments

I normally do not blog bile by reposting another sites news, but this news is rather importnat in regards to TDD with Isolator.

I use Rhino Mocks 80% of the time for mocking, but that last 20% is Isolator. Why 20% – this is the real tough stuff to test. SharePoint, Silverlight, Tightly Coupled Legacy code (that I do not have source to), etc. In Rhino I’ve been able to assert with arguments for quite awhile now. Isolator did not fully support this, they do now!

See this release notice here: http://blog.typemock.com/2009/09/typemock-isolator-535-is-out.html

What does this mean? It means that you can assert whether or not arguments made to a particular mocked object were what you expect them to be. Perpaps. If they are not, then your test should fail. If your method performs various manipulations through various other calls, you can ensure that through the execution stack of your app, your calls are being made with what you expect them to be. If not, tests fail.


Fail fast is the name of the game and Isolator just stepped up theirs. Good stuff guys.

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