WP7 Boot to VHD

Tonigt I downloaded the WP7 Developer Tools on a new VHD (Boot to VHD). I’d I’d have to say … its super easy.

File –> New

As soon as the tools are installed you can select File –> New Windows Phone Application, as seen below:

File New

Selecting a new Phone app, I was able to get some XAML on the screen, edit the XAML and get my first Hello WP7 app up in running in under 5 minutes. This very impressive. The emulator started right up, I waited for about 30 seconds while it booted and then my app started. As shown below:

Hellow WP7

All in all, it was a super simple process.

Boot to VHD

It is important to note that working from a virtualized environment is not supported with the Dev Tools for WP7. However, you can boot to vhd and it will work great (which is 10x better than a VPC in my opinion for regular dev anyway).

So if you havent already, start utilizing Boot to VHD, set a a new one and get started with the new WP7 tools. Its cool/fun stuff.

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